DVMP Pro 8 Supported File Types

DVMP Pro time-stamps, plays and displays the metadata for MOV, MP4, AVCHD, HDV, DV, MOD and Sony HDD camcorder video files. See "Supported File Types" for more details of these file types.

All files must be "camera-original" (i.e. files copied directly from the camera without any further processing). The vast majority of video processing software does not understand the camera metadata or completely ignores it. If the file has been though any form of processing, filtering or transcoding software, then the metadata will have been thrown away and will contain NO date, time or any other metadata. This is why only camera-original files are supported by DVMP Pro.

DVMP Pro's processing tools are available from the Tools menu, or in the Batch Processor where lots of files can be processed as a batch. The Tools and their supported file types are summarised in the following tables.

For more details on each file type or tool, just click the file type or tool name in the tables.


Tools available from the Tools Menu


Tools available in Batch Processing


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