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Direct File Processing

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INFORMATION: Because very large hard drives are now commonplace, and DV file types are relatively small compared with other file types, Direct File Processing is less useful these days. For this reason Direct File Processing is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of DVMP Pro.


All of the processing tools under the Tools menu make no changes to the input file. They always create a new output file which contains the required changes. This can however be a problem if you are very short of disk space.


Therefore if you wish to use the Burn-in Time Stamp, Burn-in Metadata or Modify DV Metadata operations for DV AVI or DV MOV files, you can choose these options under the Tools > Direct File Processing menu. In this case a separate output file will NOT be created - the changes will be made directly to the input DV AVI or DV MOV file itself.


This can be hazardous. For example if there is a mains power glitch then the file may be left corrupted - you must decide if you are willing to accept the risk. Also the changes can not be undone. You are therefore presented with a Warning message box asking you to confirm that you accept these risks and wish to continue. If you click the Yes button, then the operation will proceed.


However you can click the Abort button on the progress box to abort an operation before it completes. In that case the frames processed so far will have been changed while the rest of the file will be unchanged.


You will be presented with the Confirm Settings dialog, but you will not of course be prompted with a file selection box as there is no output file to be created.


Direct File Processing operations need write-access to the input file, therefore you will notice that DVMP Pro closes the file and the video window goes black while the operation is performed. When the operation completes DVMP Pro re-opens the file at the same playback position.


Because of the way that video file types are structured, Direct File Processing is only available for DV AVI and DV MOV files.


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