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Export GPS Track

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AVCHD, GoPro, Insta360 and Contour cameras that are equipped with GPS units store a continuously updating set of GPS coordinates as the recording takes place. This export facility allows you to output the GPS data as a GPX (GPS Exchange Format) file which can be imported into other applications that support the GPX file format, including Google Earth.


From version 5.2 of Google Earth, the GPX file can be imported and the route taken by your camera during recording is displayed as a "track" overlay showing where your camera moved (subject to the accuracy of the GPS data stored by the camera). The GPX file can also be used by DVMP Pro's Display Map add-on to display the camera's track in its map window.


When exporting, the GPS data is stored as a continuous "track" in the GPX format. If there are any gaps in the recorded GPS data where the satellite signal had been lost, a new "track segment" is started in the GPX file.


Most of the Sony GPS-equipped AVCHD cameras also store GPS data when they are set to record in standard definition MPEG-2 PS format. You can therefore export the GPS data from these MPEG-2 PS files aswell.


The Export GPS Track menu entry is only available for AVCHD, GoPro, Insta360, Contour and MPEG-2 PS files which actually contain GPS data. For all other file types (or if there is no GPS data present in the file), this menu entry is greyed-out.


When you click Export GPS Track you are prompted for the name and location of the output GPX file. By default, the file name of the output file is the same as the input file but has .gpx appended.


Note that this tool is only available in the full version of DVMP Pro. It is not available in the demo version.


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