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Please read these instructions carefully.

Product delivery is via a download link. You will receive your license key and instructions by email, usually within a few minutes of completing your payment (remember to check your spam or bulk-mail folder in case it gets automatically refiled by your email service provider).

Please be sure that you have tried the DEMO version of DVMP Pro before buying. The DEMO version allows you to check if DVMP Pro supports your own video files, and to check its suitability for your own requirements before you buy.

If you are a reseller or buying on behalf of a third party, then do NOT use the Secure Checkout button on this page - instead please email us with your requirements.

DVMP Pro is available for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 (64 bit) only.


A license to install and run DVMP Pro on 1 computer is 79.99 US dollars. This includes the first 12 months of maintenance (email support and updates) for one person for DVMP Pro 8.

If you'd like to install and run DVMP Pro on more than 1 computer, the following discounts are available:

Number of computers Unit Price
(US Dollars)
1 79.99
2 to 4 69.99
5 to 10 56.99
11 or more email us

Also, if you are already a registered user of DVMP Pro version 6 or 7, you can upgrade to version 8 for a reduced price - please email us for details.

To make a purchase, click the Secure Checkout button below and use the Quantity control to select the number of computers you require. Ensure that you select the correct number of computers for your requirements, as the number can not be reduced at a later date.

If you are buying for business use or for an organization, tick the Business purchase box and provide your business/organization details.

Please note that this issues the license to the buyer. If you are a reseller or buying on behalf of a third party, then do not click the Secure Checkout button - instead please email us with your requirements.


You seem to be using a computer or mobile device that is not running Microsoft Windows.

DVMP Pro is only supported on computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, so it is NOT compatible with your device, and unfortunately you can NOT purchase a license for it.

However, you can proceed to purchase a license provided you confirm that are going to install it on another computer that is running Windows.

Are you going to install DVMP Pro on a Windows computer ?


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