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Modify DV Metadata

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Sometimes you may need to "fix" a DV AVI file by changing some of the DV metadata that is stored within.


You can change:



Date and Time of recording

User bits

Drop-frame timecode to Non-drop or vice versa

Widecreen flag


This will operate on the whole DV AVI file.


A Confirm Settings dialog box appears that allows you to check and if necessary change any of the Metadata modification settings. These are the same settings that appear in the Tools > Options > Modify Metadata menu. Check the items that you wish to change, and change the settings as required. See the Options - Modify Metadata section for details of the settings.


When you are satisfied with the settings, click OK. You are then prompted for the file name and location for the output file. The default file name is the same as the input file except that "-mod" is appended to the part before the .avi extension (e.g. myfile-mod.avi).


The output file will contain the modifications. The input file will be unchanged.


The Modify DV Metadata tool should not be confused with the Adjust date and time setting that appears in the menu Tools > Options > Metadata Sources. The Adjust date and time setting just alters the date and time that is displayed by the player, and used in time-stamping and the export tools; and it works for all supported video file types. However the Modify DV Metadata tool actually changes the date and time metadata in the video file itself, and it can only be used on DV AVI files.


This tool is currently only supported for DV AVI files.


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