Time Stamping your video files

Stamp the recording date & time on your video files, or just play to view.

Useful for investigation, security, military and forensics.

Wide range of camera and smartphone video files supported.


Try the DEMO version with your own files.

Runs on Windows 10 or 11 desktop/laptop.

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Time Stamping your video files

DVMP Pro collage

Video Time Stamping and more

DVMP Pro is the most comprehensive and reliable method of time-stamping your camera or smartphone video files. It extracts the recording date and time, and stamps it onto the visible area of each frame.

See the original date and time of recording change in real-time and with frame accuracy.

Choose the exact format of the date and time stamp, also the font, size, position and language.

Works with video files from a wide range of cameras, camcorders and smartphones - see the list of supported file types.

Play camera files and view the date and time changing in real-time - handy if you don't need a stamped file and just need to see the date and time immediately!

Stamp or view other metadata such as camera exposure settings or GPS location when the recording was made, changing in real-time. Exact info available will vary depending on camera model.

Try the DEMO version with your own files.

Supported file types and tools List of features
DVMP Pro player window

Play to view

Instant date & time display.

Show GPS and exposure info*.

Rotate between portrait & landscape views.

Adjust playback speed.

Single frame step, forward or backward.

How to view date, time and metadata

Time stamp video files

Date & Time stamp on video files recorded by cameras and smartphones.

Stamp GPS and exposure info*.

Batch Processor stamps lots of video files in a single job.

Stamp a selected small section of a large video file.

Stamp a selected freeze-frame image.

How to time stamp video files Getting started tutorial

Portrait or Landscape

Time stamp portrait and landscape video.

Rotate the orientation in the player window.

Save the new orientation in MP4 and MOV files.

More about Portrait and Landscape Video

Export metadata

Export date, time, GPS and other metadata.

Export to csv, srt and gpx files.

More about Exporting metadata
Export Metadata
Static and Interactive maps

Display map

Display a static or moving map of the video's location*.

Static map is displayed in a web browser.

Interactive moving map shows the route and follows the camera (requires a MapBox account).

Standard or satelite view.

Export the route taken by the camera to a gpx file.

About mapping features

Capture DV and HDV

Capture DV and HDV over a Firewire connection.

"DV-over-USB" cameras also supported.

Auto-split to separate capture files.

Capturing DV and HDV from tape
Capture DV/HDV window
Download Demo
Time Stamping Tutorial
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List of Tools

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