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AVI Video Compressors

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This topic gives you recommendations of some common AVI Video Compressors that can be selected in DVMP Pro. Some AVI Video Compressors may already be present on your computer, and others from third-parties can be installed at a later date.



INFORMATION: This topic only applies if you choose AVI file as the output file type in Tools > Options > Burn-in > Output. However, nowadays we recommend that you always use the MP4 file with AVC/H.264 video output file type, so you can skip this topic completely unless you have a specific reason to use AVI file as the output file type.


An AVI Video Compressor is used in Burn-in Time Stamp and Burn-in Metadata on the Tools menu (and in the Batch Processor) to produce the burned-in/stamped AVI output files.


When it comes to the choice of AVI Video Compressor, there is a three-way trade-off between picture quality, file size, and time taken to compress - it's an unavoidable principle of any type of video processing. DVMP Pro does not tie you into a particular AVI Video Compressor, so you are free to choose whatever AVI Video Compressor works best for your own particular requirements. You can choose from any AVI Video Compressor that is already present on your computer, or any from third-party suppliers that you might install later on.


For example, someone working in video production requiring top quality might choose "Uncompressed" or more likely "Lagarith" to produce lossless quality burnt-in AVI files - this produces quality effectively the same as the original but with very large files (Lagarith less so). These large files are then used as inputs to their video editing program (giving top quality to begin editing with) or DVD authoring program. As these files are very large it is difficult or impossible to play them in real time on a PC without skipping or freezing due to the sheer amount of data that must pass through the system - but that's OK because that is not what they are intended for; they are intended as top quality inputs to editing programs, transcoders or DVD authoring programs.


Below is a list of third-party AVI Video Compressors that you might like to try out, together with a link to their web site (correct at the time of writing).


For some third-party AVI Video Compressors, you may be offered a choice of separate 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) versions to download. DVMP Pro is a 64-bit application so you must choose the 64-bit download.


Remember to Restart your computer immediately after installing any third-party AVI Video Compressor, as some may not be recognized by Windows until it is restarted.



IMPORTANT: Third-party AVI video compressors are developed by other suppliers that have no connection with us, so we are unable to give any assurances as to their safety or freedom from viruses etc. When you install a third-party component the license is between the third-party supplier and yourself. As with all software, ensure that you only download it from their official web site, and virus scan anything that you download before you install it. Installation of any third-party software is entirely at your own risk!




Link to third-party web site


A popular lossless video compressor. Comparable quality to "Uncompressed" but with smaller output files.


A new and promising lossless video compressor that is faster than Lagarith. It is a commercial compressor, but is free to try.


Compresses to MPEG4 video format


Compresses to AVC/H.264 video format



INFORMATION: The Cineform compressor no longer appears in this table because it is now built-into DVMP Pro. Cineform is an excellent lossless compressor, and you can now choose it by selecting the output file type MP4 file with Cineform video or AVI file with Cineform video.



Commercial AVI video compressors (encoders) are also available from other suppliers such as PICVideo and Morgan which use the MJPEG compression scheme.


The "ffdshow tryouts" video decoder comes with an AVI video compressor that uses the MJPEG compression scheme. So if you have the "ffdshow tryouts" video decoder installed on your computer, you will also notice an ffdshow entry listed in the AVI Video Compressors. Unfortunately this ffdshow AVI video compressor is very unreliable and is not recommended.


You will also find several AVI video compressors already present on your PC that are included with Microsoft Windows. These are generally fairly old and produce poor quality results.


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