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DVMP Pro 7 User Help

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Decoders are used to play video files in DVMP Pro. They are also used in some of the tools, especially the Burn-in Timestamp and Burn-in Metadata tools. Video files can only be played or burned-in if a compatible decoder is available on your computer.


Decoders are built into the Intel processors that are at the heart of most PCs. Decoders are also supplied with some editions of Microsoft Windows, or from third-party suppliers. By default DVMP Pro uses the Intel decoders (with hardware acceleration if possible), but you are free to select instead a Microsoft decoder or a compatible third-party decoder if you wish.


When you first install DVMP Pro it will automatically select the Intel decoders if possible. But you can instead select any compatible decoder from other suppliers, provided it is already installed on your computer.


The sections that follow explain what a decoder is and how to choose one. A list of recommended decoders is also given.